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So it doesn‘t dangle when you run, climb or bike.

Completely locks your camera to your body when you are running, biking or trying to climb a mountain.

The "ACTIVITY-CLIP" STRAP-LOCKER keeps the camera locked in perfect position when needed. Still ready to shoot. The camera can be quickly locked at a perfect position and released in the same way. The ""ACTIVITY-CLIP" STRAP-LOCKER is simply attached to the belt.

Whether you are walking, running or climbing – with the "ACTIVITY-CLIP" STRAP-LOCKER – the camera will reliably stay in perfect position. The "ACTIVITY-CLIP" STRAP-LOCKER guarantees secure locking of the camera. The "ACTIVITY-CLIP" STRAP-LOCKER can be used with all single straps as well as with the DPH and TPH. Use on either side is convenient.No swinging anymore

  • Locks and unlocks in a split second
  • Locks and unlocks securely without even looking