BOUNCE-WALL "KIT-2" “Soft & Hard“

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Item no.: BWS-B411

BOUNCE WALL “KIT-2” “Soft & Hard

Product highlights
• Easiest operation with immediate professional results
• Perfect studio quality light
• Different reflectors for every setting
• Compatible with all D-SLRs with an additional system flash unit
• Use of TTL control of camera and flash without additional cables
• Very light and robust
• Can be completely dismantled
• Made from high quality plastic
• Can also be used as a sun reflector mounted on the camera when there is backlight

The BOUNCE-WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM. It is unique, always with you and positioned in the right position for the perfect photo. The BOUNCE-WALL offers moving and professional studio light from all swiveling speedlights. The light from the BOUNCE-WALL comes from approx. 45° to the side and approx. 45° from above, according to the 45/45 degree rule. You decide whether from the left or the right – further forward or further back.

The BOUNCE-WALL professionalizes event and portrait photography in a way never seen before. Two differently coated BOUNCE WALL REFLECTORS or their backs offer you many options for refining your light.

Overall size: 21 x 29.7 cm / 8" x 11"

Color: Silver. The back is NEUTRAL WHITE.
This material does not change the color temperature, but rather directs the incident light in a neutral manner. Hard light stays hard, soft light stays soft.

Structure: 50% silver 50% white matt. The white, less reflective color component makes the light softer than just SILVER.

Box content
• 1 x reflector SILVER/WHITE
• 1 x reflector ZIG-ZAG SILVER/WHITE