BOUNCE-WALL "KIT-2" “Soft & Hard“

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Ref.: BWS-B411

The BOUNCE-WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM. It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect photograph. The BOUNCE-WALL creates lively and professional studio light with all pivotable attachable flash units. The light of the BOUNCE-WALL follows the 45/45 rule, ca. 45 degrees from the side and ca. 45 degrees from the top. From the left or from the right, further forward or further backward - it is your decision.

The BOUNCE-WALL professionalizes event and portrait photography in a way not known before.
Six differently coated BOUNCE-WALL REFLECTORS (optional) or their backsides provide many possibilities to enhance light.

The BOUNCE WALL PORTRAIT KIT allows you to take masterly lit portraits with the same mobile background.

Total size: 8" x 11" / 21 x 29.7 cm

Box content

  • 1 x Reflector SILVER/WHITE
  • 1 x Reflector ZIG-ZAG SILVER/WHITE